Scholarship Opportunities


History, Philosophy, & Social Studies Education

  1. Dr. J. Duane Squires History Prize
  2. Switzer History Endowed Fund
  3. William Taylor Memorial Fund

Dr. J. Duane Squires History Prize

Those eligible for the Dr. J. Duane Squires History Prize shall be any history major (in-state or out-of-state) who is a full-time student at one of the residential campuses within the USNH system. The prize was established in 1986-87 and began an awarding rotation as follows: Keene State College, spring of 1987; Plymouth State University, spring of 1988; University of New Hampshire, spring of 1989. This rotation will be followed in subsequent years. The recipient of this prize will be determined by the history faculty of the institution that will be making the award for the given year. (Next awarding years for PSU:  2015, 2018, 2021)

Switzer History Endowed Fund

The fund will support two cash awards. The first, the Switzer History Prize, shall be awarded to an outstanding senior history major who has shown continued academic improvement and achievement during four years at Plymouth State University; demonstrated talent for research and writing; participated in co-curricular activities; and whose special qualities have earned the respect from both professors and peers. The second, the Switzer History Excellence Award shall be awarded to an outstanding senior who, during at least two years as a history major at Plymouth State University has shown consistent academic achievement, demonstrated the qualities and traits of a professional historian, and earned the respect of the history faculty.

William Taylor Memorial Fund

This endowment provides scholarships for outstanding students majoring in one of the Social Science disciplines. Criteria is determined by the faculty members of the Social Science Department. Recipients are chosen by a committee. No application process is required.

* Students who would like to be considered for scholarships that identify financial need as a criteria will need to complete the Federal Financial Aid Application before the March 1 deadline. Academic and Non-Academic Departments offering scholarships collaborate with the Financial Aid Office, therefore, it is imperative that students comply with PSU policy. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further assistance.