Talk Radio Show Philosophy 4 Life with Dr. Maria Sanders

Dr. Maria Sanders hosts Philosophy 4 Life, a radio talk show providing a public forum for philosophy. Philosophy 4 Life airs every Tuesday from 5:00pm – 7:00pm on 91.7 WPCR-Plymouth. So far, the following programs have aired live:

  • IDENTITY with Jayme Yahr, Art History.
  • HUMAN HEALTH with Kathleen Bush, Center for the Environment and Mr. Brian Sanders, community member (local meat cutter)
  • LEISURE with Annette Holba, Media and Communications
  • MAJORING IN PHILOSOPHY with Kobit Beaver and Christian Passen, PSU students
  • SUSTAINABILITY with Brian Eisenhauer, Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability, Helen Abbott ‘39 Professor of Environmental Studies, and Associate Professor of Social Science
  • WORRY with Kathleen Herzig, Clinical Psychology
  • JUSTICE AND THE LAW with Mark Fischler, Criminal Justice

NOTE: Eight additional programs have also already been planned for the upcoming weeks.