First Fire

What is First Fire?

It is a ceremonial lighting of the season’s first fire in the HUB’s Fireplace Lounge. This fireplace defines the character of the space, and provides a literal heart-warming feel to the “living room of the campus.” The ceremony takes place at 12:00 on a late fall day each year – don’t miss the next one!

All throughout the cold months, students gather in the Fireplace Lounge to study, visit, eat, or attend one of the many exciting events that happen in this vibrant space. The lighting of the season’s first fire is an occasion worth celebrating, which we have been doing in style since 2011!

The Free Mug!

Students, faculty, and staff come from all over campus to attend this brief but highly-anticipated ceremony, which is followed by the distribution of over 1,000 free mugs. Of course, there is hot cocoa, cider, and coffee to fill those mugs, and doughnuts to complement the hot beverage! It all takes place in a short window of time, so be sure to get there early next year!

Past Mug Designs:

STAY TUNED for information about next year’s First Fire!