Operations- Building Manager Position

Position Title:          Building Manager, Hartman Union Building

Responsible to:          Director of the Hartman Union


Professionalism, attention to detail, excellent customer service skills.


This position works one evening shift per week and two weekend shifts every other weekend for a total of 10 hours per week.


  • Open and operate the Union on weekends, designated school holidays, and curtailed operations days. Operate and close the building during evening hours, weekly.
  • Oversee the operation of the Union during times when professional staff has gone home. Supervise all other student job stations within the Hartman Union Building, overseeing that job duties are being performed at a satisfactory standard. Record violations in job conduct and indicate any late arrivals and/or no-show’s on the shift report forms.
  • Enforce all Hartman Union and Plymouth State University policies within the building and work directly with the Director and University Police when security issues, accidents, or other incidents occur.
  • Provide basic First Aid, CPR, AED assistance to patrons in need and clean up any bodily fluid spills (blood-borne pathogen training provided) when Physical Plant Building Service Workers are not on duty. Provide documentation and specifics for any and all injuries and accidents which take place in or are reported to the Hartman Union.
  • Provide impeccable customer service. Act as contact for events and conferences taking place in the building while on shift. Open meeting rooms, ensure cleanliness, assist with additional set ups, trouble-shoot issues that arise, set up multi-media equipment, etc.
  • Supervise any weekend Courtroom changeovers and complete room set-ups and take-downs as required.
  • Learn the campus reservation process and become familiar with the on-line campus calendar so questions regarding location of events, dates for events, contact names, etc. can be answered quickly and with efficiency.
  • Set up, break down and troubleshoot technical equipment for events, including: multi-media equipment, microphones, small sound systems, screens, in-house sound systems, etc. and oversee the HUB tech crew while on staff to ensure their arrival for and operation of large events.
  • Complete Building Manager shift reports for each shift using the on-line BMR (Building Manager Report) system to document the following: problems/concerns, late arrivals, damaged equipment, theft/vandalism, occupancy counts, injuries/accidents, etc.
  • Complete training in all job stations, especially the HUB Information Booth. This position operates out of the Info Booth during evenings & weekends and is therefore responsible for learning all policies and procedures required for the Information Booth in addition to job duties required for the Building Manager position.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings (once each month), fall training sessions, and two professional development sessions per semester.
  • Attend and assist with annual HUB Student Employee events such as the Holiday Social and the HUB Recruitment Fair

Training provided and paid for the following required certifications & job-specific skills: CPR/First Aid/AED training; Blood-borne pathogen training; Emergency response training, including conflict mediation.