Operations – Building Manager Position

Responsible to: Director of Student Involvement & Administrative Assistant

Qualifications: Knowledge of all student job station responsibilities and duties within the operations area of the Hartman Union (as well as some duties of the Recreation job stations which directly affect building managing).  Knowledge of all rules and policies governing use of the Hartman Union.  Ability to address crisis situations, medical emergencies, and building maintenance issues as necessary.  Maintain a safe environment for all users of the Hartman Union.  As the primary supervisor of the building after normal work hours, you are expected to be fully operational in all other non-recreation job stations.

Hours: This position works one evening weekday shift (Monday-Thursday at either 4pm-8pm or 8pm-12midnight), and two weekend shifts every other weekend (Friday 4pm-8pm, 8pm-12midnight, or Saturday-Sunday 9am-2pm, 2pm-7pm, or 7pm-12midnight)


  1. Open the building on designated school holidays and on all weekends and secure the building at closing time every evening. Securing the building includes:
    • Enter all student organization and administrative offices and meeting rooms to check for opened windows – securing them if need be.  All lights in the building should be in the off position, all windows shut and locked, all doors – internal and external – shut and locked.
    • Secure the floor-to-ceiling gate that closes off the media hallway and all areas south from the rest of the building.  No one is allowed north of the gated area, and all users remaining in the south end of the building may access the student org office space assigned to them.
    • Secure the Cardio Theater and Courtroom on the closing shift, making certain that all TV’s and stereo components are off, the cardio machines are off, all overhead lights are completely off (not just dimmed), and every door and window, including the inner office doors/windows, are locked.
    • Obtain confirmation of approved after-hours status from any students insisting that they are allowed to remain in the HUB after normal closing hours.  The after-hours pass must be signed by the Director of Student Involvement to be valid.
  2. Responsible for greeting persons sponsoring events in the HUB. Shall open rooms for meetings, check cleanliness and the set-up of rooms and set-up of built-in A.V. equipment as needed.
  3. Complete room set-ups and take-downs as required/assigned by your supervisor.
  4. Assist customers in any way possible.  Be aware of the daily events occurring in the building.  Be familiar with the physical layout of the Hartman Union and the rest of the campus so that you may direct unfamiliar individuals to their desired locations.
  5. Review daily reports to assess times that rooms will need to be opened for meetings and/or events. Check the campus calendar (25live) for room reservation information when conflicts arise over room bookings.
  6. Break down and return to storage any technical equipment you see out in the Fireplace Lounge or in meeting/function rooms once the area has been vacated and you are certain the tech isn’t needed for upcoming events (can check reservation slips for confirmation).
  7. Supervise all other student involvement job stations within the Hartman Union Building, overseeing that job duties are being performed at a satisfactory standard.  Record violations in job conduct and indicate any late arrivals and/or no-show’s on the shift report forms.
  8. Complete the Building Manager shift reports for your shifts in their entirety. Make sure you include the day’s date and the shift times in the space provided and submit the report electronically using the web-based system located on the Hartman Union and Student Activities web site.
  9. Secure the Recreation Programs Equipment cash box in the student involvement office locker located in the student organization office space.  Indicate on the shift report form the time the box was turned in to you (necessary during the 4-8pm shift only).
  10. When serving as the Welcome Desk Assistant as well as Building Manager, perform all duties of the Welcome Desk Assistant (i.e.: receive incoming calls, answer questions, take messages, and transfer calls to appropriate parties).
  11. Remain up-to-date on all procedures for the Welcome Desk (i.e.: game equipment and student organization key sign out’s, lost and found procedures).  Check the Welcome Desk Manual on each shift to see if new event information has been added.
  12. Be trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and handling and disposing of blood borne pathogens.
  13. Attend all scheduled meetings and training sessions.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Student Involvement or Student Involvement professional staff.