Banners in The HUB

  1. Banners are for the promotion of upcoming events, tabling or for attracting members to the organization. Therefore, all banners must contain the following: 1.) the name of the sponsoring student organization, 2.) dates for events/tables/meetings, etc. and 3.) contact information for the student organization.
  2. Banners must be approved by a professional staff member within the Administrative Office of the Hartman Union.
  3. When space is available, up to two banners per organization may be displayed at one time, advertising separate events. They may remain up for one (1) week from the date of initial approval. All banners must be removed after the one week “stale date” or after the event, whichever comes first. The professional staff member will post the date & time that the banner is to be removed in the top right hand corner with his/her initials. If the sponsoring department/organization does not remove the banner at the end of the one week display period, the HUB staff will remove it and discard it. In the event that the FPL has no display space remaining for a new banner, any organization that has two banners hung when a request comes in will forfeit the space from their oldest hanging banner. If two or more organizations have two banners hung, the oldest banner among all organizations with two banners will be removed to accommodate the new request.
  4. Banners may be placed only in approved locations. The professional staff member will determine where a banner may be placed at the time it is approved. Banners must not cover any light fixtures or clocks.
  5. Banners may only be hung with string. Tape often removes the paint or leaves a residue on the railings.
  6. Banners placed in unapproved locations or in violation of any of the guidelines above, will be removed.
  7. Banners not properly approved will be removed.