Posting on Campus

Posting flyers in campus buildings must adhere to the policies specific to each area. Please inquire at each area as to their unique policies.

Residence Hall Posters/Flyers:

Deliver flyers to the Residential Life office in the Speare Building. They approve & distribute to each hall.

Residence Halls Posters/flyers
Belknap 9
Grafton 9
Geneva Smith 7
Pemi 5
Mary Lyon 7
Blair 4
Langdon Woods 11
Merrill Place / Apartments 9
Total 61

Other Campus Facilities Posters:

Note: check with each building and/or department for proper approvals.  Below are max # of posters allowed per building.

Other Campus Facilities Posters/flyers
Prospect 1
Lamson 1
Silver 2
Hyde 4
Rounds 6
Speare 3
D&M 4
Boyd 3
P.E. Center 2
The HUB 5
Graduate Studies 4
Total 35

Total posters/flyers needed = 79