2019-2020 Inclement Weather Campus Curtailment Notification

November 7, 2019

Inclement Weather Campus Curtailment

Plymouth State University normally remains open during inclement weather. The University makes every effort to avoid an official closing because most students live within minutes of the campus.  However, there may be times when an emergency or extreme weather conditions necessitate a general closing of the University. 

What follows are the PSU curtailed operations and/or class cancellation notification procedures: 

In the event of an emergency or extreme weather conditions, the University Administration will do all it can to decide on and post notifications of class/event cancellations and/or facility closures by 6:00 a.m. For canceling evening classes, the decision is usually made and communicated no later than 3:00 p.m.  Every effort will be made to make the decision as early as possible.

Cancel/Closure notifications will be communicated via the following means:

Below are the HR guidelines for both official curtailed operations and inclement weather situations:

These guidelines and information about time recording for operating staff is available in the USNH Online Policy Manual (OLPM) USY.V.F.5.3 athttp://www.usnh.edu/olpm/USY/V.Pers/F.htm.  

The intention of curtailment policy is to ensure that staff members are paid for regularly scheduled hours during campus curtailment.  Staff members are paid for the time lost if they have not previously requested the use of sick leave, vacation time, or earned time. If an operating staff member does not report to work due to weather conditions and curtailed operations is declared, the operating staff member shall charge his/her earned time for any hours not covered by the curtailed operations. 

Essential Campus Department/Operational Areas:  

The University designates certain departments as essential to campus operations, and as such they may be required to operate through emergency and inclement weather situations. The departments and operational areas designated by the University as essential include the Hartman Union Building (HUB), University Police, Physical Plant, Residential Life, Dining, Ice Arena/Welcome Center, Lamson Library, the Help Desk and Learning Commons at Lamson Library, Mail Services, and Health Services. Under curtailed operations employees in these departments and operational areas will receive their regular pay for the regularly scheduled hours, plus (for Operating Staff) compensatory time off for the hours worked. If an employee who is required to work due to essential operations does not report to work during a curtailed period, the staff member must use earned time or leave time for any time not worked during the curtailment.  

On days that we curtail operations for inclement weather, the pace is admittedly slower due to campus closure, but there is the expectation that work will be performed by Faculty and PATs.  Please consult with your supervisor for specifics on your work.

Faculty:  The expectation is that Faculty may choose to provide on-line or additional assignments for students and continue individual conferences and appropriate work-related meeting by telephone or Zoom, rather than face-to-face, but may not hold on-campus classes during inclement weather cancellations. Instructors should be clear in their syllabi regarding these expectations. Students may not be disadvantaged in grading if they are unable to participate due to limited access to technology or internet services.  For tenure-track faculty, reference article of the collective bargaining agreement.

PATs:  The expectation is that PATs are using the day to catch up on email; read the reports or articles that are outstanding; write reports, proposals, or other materials being worked on; and hold appropriate meetings by telephone or Zoom rather than face-to-face.  

Special Event/Committee Participation:

There are also times when special events/committee meetings are scheduled and can’t be cancelled due to inclement weather.  If you are participating in one of these special events/committee meetings, you are considered essential staff and would be expected to report to work through emergency and inclement weather situations.  


If you are unsure whether your position is considered essential in a weather emergency, please check with your supervisor. Operating staff employees designated by their supervisors as essential personnel will receive compensatory time for hours worked during curtailed operations.

** Please do not travel to campus on a curtailed operations day if your position is not part of the essential areas noted above. **  

Guidelines for Inclement Weather (Non-Official Curtailed Operations):

Employees should make reasonable decisions when considering travel or family needs, and supervisors should respect these decisions. Staff members must notify their supervisor if they are unable to report to work at a specified time or if they need to leave work early. In these instances, staff members will be required to use vacation time, earned time or leave without pay.  Those staff members designated as being necessary for continued operations are required to receive supervisory approval for absences.

Please feel free to contact HR at 535-2250 if you have any questions.  

Caryn Ines

Director of Human Resources

Plymouth State University