2019 Campus Closure Notification

In an effort to ensure that employees have the opportunity to take time to refresh, regroup, and enjoy time with family and friends, Plymouth State University will be “closed to the public” for several days during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.  The University hopes that this time-off will enable faculty and staff to have an enjoyable and extended holiday. The following schedule will apply this year:

The University understands that certain functions that are required to be performed during campus closure as essential to campus operations, and as such they may be required to operate through this period. If you are required to work during campus closure, you will be notified by your supervisor in advance. Employees and supervisors should consult with each other regarding any such arrangements as early as possible, so that all may plan accordingly.  Supervisors please make prior arrangements with associated departments for the staff who will be working in terms of ensuring building access, heated offices, etc. 

During campus closure, employees in these departments and operational areas who are required to work during campus closure will receive their regular pay for the hours worked, and those OS employees who are required to work on a holiday will receive holiday pay for the regularly scheduled hours and one-and-a-half regular pay for the hours worked.

The University will resume normal business operations on Thursday, January 2, 2020, and all offices should return to their regular office schedules at that time.