OS Earned Time

(for Operating Staff members)

What is Earned Time?

Earned Time was an alternative approach of covering absences for vacation, sick leave, interim disability, bereavement leave, maternity leave, jury leave and short term military leave.

How does Earned Time work?

Previously accrued Earned Time (or banked Earned Time) days can be used for a variety of purposes, including a payment in cash at the time of termination (assuming all policies have been adhered to). Banked Earned Time can be used in units of one-quarter hour or more.

Where can I find the balance of my earned time hours?

Your banked Earned Time balance can be found by accessing WISE (Web Information System for Employees) and is printed directly on paycheck stubs for those not participating in direct deposit, and is effective the last day of that pay period. There may be situations where manual adjustments to earned time still need to be made.

USNH Earned Time Policy

USNH UTime – Time Management to Fit Your Needs

**As of July 1, 2019, UTime is the standard for paid time off and leave benefits, as well as our new time management system. UTime pulls together all paid time-off benefits into a single program to meet a wide range of needs, including paid Personal and Sick Time, Parental Leave, Short Term Disability, Community Service and more. UTime gives you the flexibility—and the financial support—to recover from an illness or injury, deal with a personal situation, or help a family member in need, and then return to work recharged and focused.