Sick Leave Pool (OS)

(for Operating Staff members)

USNH Sick Pool Policy  a.4.9.5

When can I convert my Earned Time hours to Sick Pool and what is the conversion rate?

This conversion takes place annually each spring. All OS members will be notified by Human Resources as to when they can begin converting to sick leave pool. New employees who complete their introductory period will be allowed 30 calendar days to convert earned time to sick leave pool hours. The rate for this conversion is three Sick Pool Days for each day of Earned Time.

When can I begin using my sick pool hours?

Sick pool days commence with the sixth consecutive day of absence from work due to illness or injury. A physician’s note must accompany the request to use Sick Pool Days. Periodic updates from the staff member’s physician may be required.

Important!  Rules for Use of Sick Pool Days:

  • Use of Sick Pool Days may begin on the sixth consecutive workday of absence due to illness, injury or other disability.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms must accompany the request to use Sick Pool Days.
  • It is not necessary to use up all Earned Time days before using Sick Pool Days.
  • Employees may continue using Sick Pool Days (if available) until no longer disabled.

Is there a maximum sick pool accrual?

The maximum Sick Pool Days accrual is 150 days. (If Sick Pool Days are used, more Earned Time days may be added each July to return the total to 150.)

Does Earned Time accrue during Sick Pool use?

Earned Time accrues only during the initial three weeks (15 working days) of each separate use of the Sick Leave Pool.

Where can I find my sick pool balance?

Your Sick Pool balance can be found in WISE.