Sick Time

IMPORTANT: Effective July 1, 2019, UTIME is in place for ALL benefits Eligible employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. 

How many days do I accumulate for sick time?

All staff members accrue sick time at a rate of 1.25 days each month, up to 15 days per year if you are on a 1.0 FTE assignment. If you have a percent-time appointment, you earn sick leave as a proration of full-time employment.

What is the maximum accumulation for sick time?

All staff members may accumulate up to sixty (60) days of sick time.

Medical documentation may be required at any time to substantiate an absence and/or to indicate your ability to return to work after an illness or injury. For absences that are expected to last more than one week, contact your Human Resources Office to discuss extended leave options. If you don’t have a Sick Time balance available, you will use available Personal Time to cover the absence, before going unpaid.

How soon do I have to submit my PAT record of leave slips?

When possible, leave slips should be submitted before the time is used (for example, if you know you have a doctor’s appointment, the slip can be submitted in advance). Of course, when you are out unexpectedly due to illness, your leave slip should be submitted as soon as possible upon your return to work.

Where can I find my sick time balance?

Your sick time balance is now automatically printed directly on your paycheck stub. Please note that the balance is updated at the beginning of every pay period. An accurate balance is reflected in your paycheck, provided you have submitted all leave slips for personal time and sick time.

You can view your paycheck stubs in the Employee Services tab of WISE,, under Pay Information – Pay Stub Information.  You can also print any paycheck stub you need.

UTIME Policy

PAT/PA/Fiscal Faculy Record of Leave(Fill-In)