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How do I enroll or change my retirement plan(s)?   USNH User Guide

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Upcoming Retirement Consultations at PSU

**Employees are encouraged to continue scheduling appointments to talk with Mimi and/or Paul, however to protect the health and safety of participants and employees during the Coronavirus outbreak, individual consultations will be scheduled to be either a phone or online consultation.

Fidelity Investments
Paul Bolles, Planning & Guidance Consultant

Mary A. (Mimi)  Boxwell, Financial Consultant

TIAA – Sign up for a virtual financial counseling session!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for changing my address with Fidelity or TIAA

You do not need to complete a form in order to change your address with Fidelity or TIAA  You can change this information simply by calling your provider at the numbers listed above.

How do I set up a Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA)?

If you are interested in setting up an SRA, you should contact Joye Cushing to schedule an appointment to meet and to obtain the appropriate paperwork.

How do I set up a consultation appointment with my vendor representative on campus?
Fidelity Investments

Paul Bolles, Planning & Guidance Consultant

Phone:  1-800-642-7131  or

TIAA | Financial Services  

Mary A. (Mimi)  Boxwell, Financial Consultant| Field Consulting Group

If you are interested in making an individual appointment, please call Juanita Feliciano at 800-732-8353, or log onto the website at