Professional Development

The Impact Center offers a wide range of professional development opportunities to school districts and teachers throughout New Hampshire.

Professional development in the following areas is available:

  • Understanding Common Core state standards (domain and grade level specific.)
  • Helping your students prepare for Smarter Balance assessment with Content Specifications and examples of particular test items (grade specific.)
  • Introducing rich tasks in Numeracy and Quantitative Literacy (elementary/middle school or middle/high school.)
  • Developing algebraic thinking (elementary/middle school or middle/high school.)
  • Creative teaching of Geometry and Measurement (elementary/middle school or middle/high school.)
  • Tool kit of games and activities for the classroom (elementary/middle school or middle/high school.)
  • Using manipulatives that you already have (elementary school.)
  • Make friends with fractions (middle school.)
  • Singapore style problem solving (elementary/middle school.)

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about an area that is not listed here, please contact the Holmes Center at