IRB Membership

Member Term Expiration Department
Clarissa Uttley (Chair) 07/2024 Curriculum and Instruction
Elliott Gruner (Non-Scientist Member) 12/2022 English
Brian Healy 12/2022 Psychology
Ryanne Carmichael 07/2024 Health & Human Performance
Daniel O’Neill, MD, EdD (Non-PSU Affiliated Member) 10/2021 Littleton Regional Healthcare- The Alpine Clinic
David Mackey 11/2021 Criminal Justice
Suzanne Gaulocher 07/2024 Public Health
Sean Collins 02/2022 Physical Therapy
Annette Holba 08/2023 Communication & Media Studies
Linda Carrier 07/2024 Educational Leadership
Stephen Flynn 06/2021 Marriage and Family Therapy & Play Therapy