The following is a list of overarching policies that govern the use of Information Technology (IT) at Plymouth State University (PSU).  These policies were developed to help clarify expectations of individual community members and to support compliance with other University System policies and regulations, and all local, state, and federal laws. Subject to the parameters set forth below, all users of computing resources, voice systems, and data network services owned and/or operated by PSU may use any system for which they have been authorized.

ITS staff reserves the right to monitor, access, log, intercept, read, prohibit, limit and manage to the extent deemed necessary any communication or the contents thereof that makes use of PSU IT systems (See Acceptable Use Policy).

Enforcement of IT policy is the responsibility of the supervisor, department head, Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Human Resources, Student Affairs or any combination thereof, depending on the circumstances of any given violation.  Any violation of IT policy that arises either through systematic monitoring or through normal supervision and observation of business processes must be reported to the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and/or the CIO.

Violations of the following PSU ITS Policies may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension, termination of employment, and/or referral to law enforcement.

 Phishing Information and Process

The Plymouth State community, like many university communities across the nation, has been seen an increased level of Phishing in recent months.  Phishing is a type of Internet fraud, usually in the form of an email, which seeks to acquire your credentials (username and password) by deception.   When one of our community members inadvertently shares their PSU username and password in one of these situations, they place not only themselves but the entire PSU community at risk.  The document below offers some additional information about how to recognize Phishing and how to avoid falling victim.

University System of New Hampshire Policy on the Use of Technological Resources

The USNH On-Line Policy Manual (USNH OLPM) explicitly defines specific policy components and requires that each USNH institution further clarify those components by developing local campus policies.

All PSU IT service providers and service consumers should familiarize themselves with the information provided in the USNH OLPM, Section F with particular regard to Subsections 4. Policy on Use of Technological Resources, and 5.Information Technology Security Policy.  As the USNH OLPM is a living document, users should regularly view the document for changes.

State of New Hampshire Computer Crimes Law

Access to and use of Plymouth State University’s technological resources is subject to applicable laws of the State of New Hampshire.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act provides protections to and describes procedures for ISP providers, including higher education institutions, concerning copyright materials on the Internet.