Staff Directory

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Use (603) 535-3333 to voice-dial a specific person

The email format used here is a substitute for the traditional “anyone” as a way to avoid email spammers.

Enterprise Technology Help Desk Services

JoAnn Guilmett
Director, Enterprise Technology Help Desk Services
jguilmet (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Steven Cramton
PSU Help Desk Team Lead
stc1010 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Melinda Barnsley
Help Desk Shift Supervisor and Communication Coord.
mjb1047 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Michael Cosma
Learning Commons & Help Desk Support Technician
mcosma (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Erin Gaumond
Help Desk Shift Supervisor
eegaumond (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Desktop Support and Managed Computer Systems

Brice Chierichetti
Desktop Support and Repair Technician
brice.chierichetti (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Hunter Jarvis
Desktop Support and Managed Computer Systems
hjarvis (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Tom Morin
Desktop Support and Repair Technician
tom (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Desktop Support and Managed Computer Systems
 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Business Applications Admin & Integration

Amelia Rowland
Business Application Support Spec.
alr1003 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Steven Wilson
Business Application Administrator/Developer
srwilson (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Enterprise CRM Services

Harish Nandipi
Applications Adminstrator/ Salesforce
hn1022 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Melissa Christensen
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
mkchristensen (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Cathy Golas
Institutional Research and Analytics Spec.
cjg1155 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Betsy Ayotte
Institutional Assessment Analyst
seayotte (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Learning & Collaboration Space Technology

Brett Robinson
Manger, Learning Space Technologies
bmrobinson2 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Travis Rubury
Learning Space Technician
tcrubury (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Learning Design and Technology

Sean McKenna
Academic Application Admin
ssm1123 (at) granite (dot) edu

Megan Smith
Educational Technologist
Megan.smith (at) unh (dot) edu

Erika Rydberg
Educational Technologist
elrydberg (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Portfolio and Project Management

Tom Adamick
IT Project Manager
Thomas.adamick (at) unh (dot) edu

Research Computing & Web Development

Dan Bramer
Instrumentation & System Support Specialist, Boyd Science Center
djbramer (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Hyung Park
Web Developer
hjpark (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Technology Systems & Servers /M365/AD

Ted Wisniewski
Manager, M365, Active Directory and Windows Servers
ted (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Shawn Budro
Systems Administrator
sbudro (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Jennifer Fairchild
Lead Windows System Admin
 jrfairchild (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Bethany Longe
M365 Administrator
bmrice (at) plymouth (dot) edu

David Strong
M365 Administrator
bmrice (at) plymouth (dot) edu

WAN/LAN/Telecom Ops and Engineering

Christopher Drever
PSU Team Lead, Network Engineering and Ops
 ctdrever (at) plymouth (dot) edu 

Leasa Armour
Network Engineering and Ops
l_armour (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Kenneth Bouwens
Network Engineering and Ops
kfb2002 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Scot Moody
Telecom Technician
smmoody1 (at) plymouth (dot) edu