Our Success Stories

By working for ITS at Plymouth State, you can gain valuable experience for your journey after college. Many of our employees have found positions working with technology after working for ITS. Our work study and student hourly positions can be the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door in the expansive and growing field of technology. See what our past employees have said about their time in the ITS department below.

dillon-crowleyDillon Crowley

Marketing/Professional Sales Major

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position: Customer Liason II at the Southern New Hampshire University ITS Helpdesk

“Working for the PSU ITS Help Desk gave me more knowledge and experience in my career than I expected. Every day I am thankful for the opportunities the Help Desk provided. It is a great environment to sharpen your technology and customer service skills while still working directly with IT professionals.

The ITS Help Desk is more than a campus job; it is a great opportunity to start your career.”

suzie-kirschnerSuzie Kirschner ’12
Business Management Major, Adventure Ed. Minor

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position:  IBM Q Global Events Lead

“My time at the PSU Help Desk played an integral role in my tech career advancement. It was during my time at the Help Desk that I was introduced to the notion that soft skills are just as important as technical hard skills. PSU gave me the confidence to embark on a career in tech, as I learned that while I may not be the most tech savvy, my strengths would still make me a successful IT Help Desk employee; one who was able to problem solve efficiently, effectively, and with a personable and approachable attitude. I often share my experience with soft skills with the students I currently work with at Holberton School so I can do my part to ensure the tech scene continues to make a push for inclusion and diversity of thought.”

catherine-dwinalCatherine “KT” Dwinal ’09
Music Education Major

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position: Customer Advocate for Quaver Music

“When I mention my time at PSU to people, the first thing I say is that I pretty much came out with two degrees: one that I paid for, and one that I got paid for. The Help Desk provides amazing training on different technologies and builds fantastic skills that you can take to the job world. The Help Desk gives you a family that you can rely on during your time at PSU. It was my second home.”

steven-courcy-success-siteSteven Courcy ’18
Computer Science Major, Mathematics Minor

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position: Back-End Software Developer for The Echo Group

“The Help Desk is not your typical student position. You work in a real IT department supporting thousands of students and staff. It is a real job with challenges and expectations. My position at the Help Desk helped my career in a number of ways, but the most important pieces were customer service and communication skills. The people who work at the Help Desk are great, and everyone has a strong interest in technology. If you are interested in a career in technology after graduating, working at the Help Desk is a great way to obtain on-the-job skills to enhance your degree. Having the Help Desk position on my resume set me apart from other applicants. Currently, I work as a Back-End Software Developer at The Echo Group. My degree prepared me for the technical challenges of the job, but the Help Desk prepared me for working in the real world.” 

feliciamuseFelicia Muse ’18
Health Education and Promotion Major

Former ITS Position: Help Desk Consultant
Current Position: Orthopedic Sales Representative in NH and Vermont

“The Help Desk helped me tremendously to prepare me for my career post-graduation. I am currently an Orthopedic Sales Representative for medical devices in the New Hampshire and Vermont region. Even though this job is heavily based around science and business, I am still required to have strong technological and communication skills. I am constantly using applications on my Apple devices to fill patient’s prescriptions and do paperwork for my job. I am also always on the phone with doctors, patients, and insurance companies to fulfill the requests my job requires. A large part of my job is to have precise organizational skills and interpersonal relations. If I hadn’t worked at the desk, I wouldn’t be as confident with these skills. I am very grateful for the opportunities the Help Desk provided me with.”

albert-coleAlbert Cole ’18
Physical Education Major

Former ITS Position: Help Desk Consultant
Current Position: IT Help Desk Technician at the Catholic Medical Center

“I started my undergraduate degree as a Health Educator, but by working with the PSU Help Desk, I realized what path I wanted to take. The PSU IT team will help guide you in the career path of informational technology. I want to thank the Plymouth’s IT Staff for their guidance, and for pushing me to the best of my abilities. Now, at the Catholic Medical Center, I am a technician who supports over 300 employees every day. I am also working on getting my A+ certification, which will open even more opportunities in my career.”

cassandra-lavoie-success-siteCassandra LaVoie ’17
Environmental Biology Major

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position: Tier 2 IT Specialist at Technology Seed

“Working at the Help Desk not only gave me the opportunity to gain some lifelong friends, but also gave me invaluable life skills. I was able to enter the work force after graduation with professional confidence. The Help Desk provides opportunities to grow. I had the honor of being a junior shift supervisor during my last year at the Help Desk, and gained IT skills as well as management strategies. My experience at the Help Desk is what allowed me to get my current job with an amazing tech company, Technology Seed. I’m currently working as a Tier 2 IT Specialist, and continue to learn more every day. The opportunities afforded by the Help Desk are truly endless.”  

alexa-benanti-success-storiesAlexa Benanti ’18
Information Technology Major

Former ITS Position: Jr. Shift Supervisor
Current Position: Junior Technical Support Analyst at Susquehanna International Group

“During my time at the Help Desk I learned a lot about self-confidence and what it was like to hold an important position in a work place. I learned a lot about how real-world IT departments work, and how crucial teamwork is for success. The Help Desk team at PSU is like a family, and family always wants to help you and see you succeed.”