Applied Linguistics

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Are you interested in languages?  Do you enjoy talking and thinking about languages?  Do you find the origins and components of languages interesting?  Do you want to know more about how people learn languages?  If so, the minor in Applied Linguistics might be right for you.

What is Applied Linguistics?

Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that identifies and investigates language-related questions in the real world, with connections to academic fields such as education, psychology, computer science, anthropology, and sociology.

What is the Applied Linguistics Minor?

The PSU Applied Linguistics Minor consists of five classes (15 or 16 credits). Courses explore language education, language acquisition, language in society, language assessment, language policy, the historical development of the English language, cross-cultural communication and multilingualism.

Applied Linguistics Minor Requirements


15-16 credits



LL 2000 Introduction to Language and Linguistics (QRCO) 3
LLDI 2950 Language Acquisition (SIDI) 3
LL 3500 Research in Applied Linguistics 3
Complete two of the following; one course must be taken at the 4000 level: 6 or 7
LLDI 2020 Queer Language, Culture, and Identity (DICO) (SSDI)
LLDI 2450 Creating Language (CTDI)
LLDI 2500 The History of the English Language (PPDI)
LL 4100 TESOL Methods and Practice
LL 4300 Literacy in Language Learning

*All course information is from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

Applied Linguistics Minor Course Descriptions

General Education and the Applied Linguistics Minor

The Applied Linguistics Minor includes three General Education courses, LLDI 2950 Language Acquisition (Scientific Inquiry Direction), LLDI 2500 History of the English Language (Past and Present Direction), and LL 2000 Introduction to Language and Linguistics (Quantitative Reasoning, for some majors).

More on who should minor in Applied Linguistics

The interdisciplinary nature of Applied Linguistics makes this minor particularly well-suited for a student majoring in Education, English, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Languages, Computer Science, and Communications.

The Applied Linguistics minor is open to any undergraduate student at PSU. You don’t need to know a language other than English, or to be good at learning languages, to study Applied Linguistics.  Applied Linguistics is a practical field; students acquire and practice a broad range of cross-disciplinary skills, such as critical analysis of research studies, research design and implementation, field observations, and clear communication of ideas both orally and in writing.


Please contact:

James Whiting, Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Linguistics
Coordinator of Graduate TESOL Program
(603) 535-2370