As a department within a liberal arts college of a regional comprehensive university, the Department of Mathematics is an enthusiastic group of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to the continuous improvement of mathematics and mathematics teaching.  The Department of Mathematics values logical thought, the ability to communicate mathematics, and cooperative sharing of knowledge with the greater community.

Reflecting its mission and values, the Department of Mathematics embraces the following goals:

  • To prepare future teachers, scholars, and professionals through learner-centered, relevant, and forward-thinking academic, research and internship programs;
  • To create opportunities for students to work collaboratively;
  • To monitor, evaluate, and guide student progress based on clear and measurable outcomes;
  • To extend mathematical training to diverse academic fields of interest;
  • To offer high-quality student-led tutoring services;
  • To provide current and relevant professional training in mathematics education for practitioners across New Hampshire;
  • To provide statistical consulting services to faculty and student researchers across the university community; and
  • To foster social community among faculty, students, and alumni.

Mathematicians untangle mysteries. With logic that is centuries old, or with brand new theories still waiting to be proven, mathematicians explore problems and develop solutions that change the world.

As a math major you’ll experience: