Math Association

The Math Association of Plymouth State is a student-run organization that coordinates activities and events for students whether you are a math major or not.

Math Majors 2008
Math Association 2008

Activities have included events such as:

  • a day hike in the White Mountains which are only a stone’s throw away from Plymouth State University. Hikes are attended by both students and faculty as a way to get to know your instructor and view beautiful landscape;
  • a “game night” held in the student activities center (Hartman Union);
  • bowling nights between faculty and students, which are often followed by pizza and refreshments for all;
  • a softball game between faculty and students at the D&M fields located across the bridge from the main campus. The game is played at the end of the spring semester by both students and faculty where both sides have fun ribbing each other. The game is followed up by a cookout held at a faculty member’s home where the game is once again discussed and the banter of both sides takes place;
  • the Math Awards Banquet is a highly anticipated annual event which takes place at the end of the spring semester at The Common Man Inn and is attended by faculty, students and their guests.
2008 Homecoming Banner
2008 Homecoming Banner

What better way to get involved and meet new people then by joining the Math Association!