Saxophone with a Classical Emphasis

The guidelines listed below are the minimum expectations for a music major taking a one hour (two credit) lesson each week in saxophone with a classical emphasis. Repertoire may be substituted or accelerated as best fits the student’s abilities and interests, but each semester should include at least one work from the suggested repertoire.

1000 Level

Scales- Pares Scales for Clarinet
Etudes: C. Rose, 40 Etudes
C. Rose, 32 Etudes
C. Rose, 9 Etudes
Klose, Celebrated Method for the Clarinet

Suggested Technical Method
Selected Studies for Saxophone


  • Concert & Contest Collection for Tenor Saxophone, H. Voxman, ed.
  • Solos for the Saxophone Player, L. Teal, ed.


  • Concert & Contest Collection for Tenor Saxophone, H. Voxman, ed.
  • Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player, L. Teal, ed.
  • Selected Studies for Saxophone, H. Voxman, ed
  • 25 Daily Exercises for Saxophone, Klose

2000 Level

Scales: Stievenard, Practical Study of the Scales for Clarinet
Etudes: Baermann, Baermann Method
A. Uhl, 48 Studies for Clarinet
Klose, Celebrated Method for the Clarinet



  • Concertino, E. Bozza
  • Music for Saxophone, Bassett
  • Sketches for Alto Saxophone, Caravan
  • Prelude Cadence et Finale, Desenclos
  • Concerto, Tomasi
  • First Concertino, Guilhaud


  • Poem, Hartley
  • Sonata, Hartley
  • Music for Saxophone and Piano, Karlins
  • Ballade, Martin
  • 48 Famous Studies, Ferling
  • 144 Etudes, Ferling
  • Etudes Variete, Mule
  • Berbiguier, Mule

3000 Level

Scales – Baermann, Complete Method for Clarinet, 3rd Div.
Etudes- Cavallini, 30 Caprices
Lebanchi, 4 Studies
Magnani, 7 Etudes – Caprices
Gamboro, 5 Caprices
JeanJean, Vacum de Methode
Klose, Celebrated Method for the Clarinet
D. Bonade3, Orchestra Studies for Clarinet



  • Sonata, Creston
  • P 19, Creston
  • Concertino, Ibert
  • Concerto, Glazunov
  • Sonata, Heiden
  • Concerto, Benson
  • Rhapsodie, Debussy


  • Sonata, DiPasquale
  • Two Pieces, Reilly
  • Sonata, Ostrander
  • Intermezzo, Koepke
  • Ballet Impressions, Ostrander
  • Chant Course, Tomasi
  • Etudes Terschak, Mule
  • Paradigms, Caravan
  • 25 Capricien, Karg-Elert
  • Contemporary Etudes, Schmidt

4000 Level

Other possible texts include Joseph Violaís book; the Charlie Parker Omnibook; and others.

Repertoire and Etudes

  • Contrasts, Bartok
  • Vier Stucke, Berg
  • Quintet, Brahms
  • Concerto, Copland
  • Rhapsody, Debussy
  • Abime, Messiaen
  • Concerto, Mozart
  • Quintet, Mozart
  • Concerto, Neilson
  • Quintet, Weber
  • Orchestral Excerpts

Methods and Literature

  • 20 Melodius Etudes, Blemant
  • 20 Excercises, Blatt
  • The Saxophone Workbook, L. Teal
  • The Art of Saxophone Playing, L. Teal
  • L. Teal 158 Exercises, S. Rascher


  • Reverse Chromatic—Triplets mm 60
  • Direct Chromatic Scale
  • All major, minor, diminished scales