1000 Level

Technique & Methods
Tone production, breathing technique, embouchure development. Major scales and arpeggios mm = 120. Rochut Melodious Etudes Book I; Kopprasch 60 Etudes; selected solos.

2000 Level

Technique & Methods
Extension of range, multiple tonguing, Minor scales and arpeggios mm = 120. Rochut Melodious Book II; Ostrander Shifting Meter Studies; selected solos.

3000 Level

Technique & Methods
Development of phrasing, styles of interpretation. Rochut Melodious Etudes Book III; Blazhevich 70 Etudes Book I; selected solos (classical and baroque transcriptions as well as original compositions).

4000 Level

Techniques & Methods
Refinement of techniques and musicianship. Blazhevich 70 Etudes Book II. Orchestral excerpts, W. Smith Top Tunes; Senior Recital or jury, major work such as Wilder Sonata; Lebedev Concerto; Hindemith Sonate; etc.