1000 Level

General Musicianship

  • The student will demonstrate a basic music reading ability. He/she should be able to learn (independently) assigned repertory and technique.
  • The student should sing learned repertory with good intonation, rhythmic accuracy and a sensitivity to phrasing and the interplay between vocalist and accompanist.

Vocal Technique

  • The student will demonstrate an increased understanding of the essentials of vocal production, e.g., body alignment, use of muscles needed for strong breath coordination, legato singing and appropriate resonance for each tone.
  • The student should demonstrate consistent vocal growth commensurate with age and previous singing experience, and to a degree appropriate for this level of university study.


All students at 1000 level will be assigned pieces appropriate for their level of vocal development, aptitude, and major.  At the discretion of the performance studies teacher, literature in languages other than English may be assigned. Music Theatre Performance majors should expect that 10 percent of the assigned pieces will be from the standard classical repertoire. The balance may be from musical theatre, operetta, cabaret or other genres deemed appropriate by the applied teacher.

1000 Level Repertoire Guidelines

Degree Semester I Semester II Semester III (& subsequent sems.)
Voice Perf./Ped.
Other Options
4-5 5-6 Same as Sem. II, if required
Same as Sem. II, if required
B.S./MUSIC ED. 3-4 4-5 Same as Sem. II, if required
B.A./B.S. INTERDIS. 3-4 4-5 Same as Sem. II, if required
Music Theatre Perf.
4-5 5-6 Same as Sem. II, if required
2 3 3
2 3 3

Performance Studies Notebook: Voice (1000 Level)

All voice students at 1000 level are required to maintain a Performance Studies Notebook (loose-leaf binder preferred) including the following:

  • Verbatim (word-for-word) translations of texts of each foreign language song studied during the semester
  • Phonetic (IPA) spellings of texts (this may be combined with the verbatim translation). This should be done for all Italian or other approved foreign language texts in Semester I, and for all texts (including English) in Semester II. Performance Studies instructors may modify this requirement to suit the skill level of each student.
  • Paraphrasing (a summary of one or two sentences in one’s own words) of each text. This is to be done for English as well as foreign language texts. (The purpose of the exercises above is to acquaint the student with an important means of approaching the study of vocal literature: thorough analysis of text and music.)
  • A paragraph giving a brief biographical sketch of the composer of each song or aria studied and any significant information about the song or aria (is it from a song cycle? What opera or oratorio? Etc.). Indicate also whether or not a recording of the piece or total work has been located and listened to.
  • All materials related to voice Performance Studies (notes on lessons, any photocopies in use, vocalizes and repertory lists)
  • Other materials as required by individual Performance Studies instructors
  • This notebook will be graded on its completeness, organization and legibility.

Performance Requirements

End of Semester Evaluations

All students will perform for the faculty at the end of each semester of study. Students should be prepared to sing from memory selections that are representative of the repertoire studied. Majors may be asked to sing appropriate scales and intervals during the exam. All voice students seeking to advance to the 2000 level of study must perform literature in both English and at least one other language.

Minimum 1000 Level Evaluation Repertoire

Degree Semester I Semester II Semester III (& subsequent sems.)
Music: B.A./B.S.
& Theatre: M.T option
2 4 (level change) Same as Sem. II, if required
Same as Sem. II, if required
Interdisciplinary 2 4 (level change) Same as Sem. II, if required
Music Minor 1 2 3 (level change)
1 1 1

Student Recitals

  • All students whose major instrument is voice are exempt from the Student Recital performance requirement in the first semester of study, although they are encouraged to perform if their voice instructor approves. All but non-majors are required to perform on at least one Student Recital in subsequent semesters of study at the 1000 level.
  • Any waiver of these requirements is at the discretion of the performance studies teacher.