Theatre Program

Theatre Majors

The theatre program at Plymouth State University allows students to concentrate on a theatre discipline while pursuing a liberal arts education. Our program stresses classroom work, first and foremost, in all academic areas. We believe that a fine theatre artist or technician should be versed in numerous disciplines and have a basic understanding of many areas of study and inquiry. To varying degrees, our theatre program options take advantage of every area of academic study offered at Plymouth State.

PSU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, with options in:

A Theatre Minor is also available.

A list of all courses in the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance is available through PSU’s online course catalog. All theatre courses begin with the letters “TH.”

NEWS: In 2015, the Theatre Program created the first Online Senior Showcase.   Each graduating senior is highlighted in their own video, with a digital portfolio of some of their accomplishments.  See it Here.