Important Theatre Policies

There are always questions regarding absences from rehearsal, missed costume fittings, etc. These policies apply to all cast and crew members of any production by Plymouth State Theatre. These policies are established to provide fairness to all involved, to foster a professional atmosphere and to create a positive learning environment.

Students may only be excused from a rehearsal by whomever is in charge of that rehearsal, be that the Director, Music Director or Choreographer, and then by the Stage Manager. The Stage Manager may not excuse anyone from rehearsal until they have first checked with the person in charge of that rehearsal.

Students must write down scheduling conflicts and submit them to the Director. Students must also discuss those conflicts with the Director Students may not assume that they have been excused unless they have confirmed this in advance.

Unexcused absences, chronic lateness, missed costume fittings, seriously unprofessional behavior, etc. will jeopardize a student’s status in a production. There is a basic “three strikes and you’re out” policy, which means any combination of three of the above infractions. Once three strikes are reached, a student will be replaced in the production, and will not be eligible as cast or crew in the following semester’s shows.

There are instances where missing specific rehearsals will automatically grant three strikes. These include, but are not limited to: missing technical or dress rehearsals, missing strike, leaving technical or dress rehearsals early, or missing any rehearsal which the Director, Music Director or Choreographer has deemed as mandatory.

Other types of unprofessional behavior, which will lead to automatic dismissal from the production, include use or possession of controlled substances in accordance with the rules of the University.