Participating in Theatre Productions


A majority of students involved with productions are doing so for practicum credit. Practicum students will typically receive an assignment in one of the following areas: stitching, electrics, carpentry, props, paint, audio, running crew, or publicity. Each area has some of its own criteria for performance and grading. Each area will have its own flexible rules depending on a given semester and production. All areas mandating a log of a student’s hours require that a supervisor initial all entries as they are recorded. Grading in all areas takes into account both quantity of time spent on the assignment as well as quality of work performed, and is based on the following:

  • 25% — The student’s attendance as figured by how well they meet their schedule according to the criteria of their assigned area.
  • 25% — The student’s degree of assumed responsibility for the production and work ethic.
  • 25% — The overall number of hours committed to the production.  The minimum number listed for each area required for a student to pass.
  • 25% — The level of improvement in skill that the student exhibits over the course of the practicum.

Once all of this is evaluated, TH 1650 grades are converted into a simple Pass/Fail grade. A grade of 70 is the minimum necessary to receive a passing grade.

Specific Area Requirements