Prop Technicians

  • Prop technicians are required to contact the Props Manager and Set Designer as soon as they receive their assignment.
  • They will supply these people with their phone number, HUB mailbox number and e-mail address.
  • They will establish a work strategy with the Props Manager wherein they fulfill at least 40 hours over the course of the semester.
  • They will keep a log of the time that they work on their own and submit it at the end of the semester.Much of their time may be spent shopping, scavenging, borrowing or on the phone.
  • They may build props or furniture in the shop, perform reupholstering, crafts work, electrify props or any other prop work as needed for the show.
  • When working in the scene shop or onstage, they will dress appropriately (no sandals, no heels, anticipate getting dirty).
  • They will provide rehearsal props immediately for blocking rehearsals as needed, will have all props for the production ready by the initial props viewing, and will make changes as needed by the final props viewing. Initial props viewing is typically three to four weeks prior to opening. Final props viewing is typically two weeks prior to opening.
  • Prop technicians will then be in daily during tech week to assist in set dressing and to aid in adapting props as needed for the tech process.
  • Prop technicians are required to be at strike for all productions unless otherwise informed.