• Stitchers are required to set up a weekly schedule with the Costume Shop Manager as soon as they receive their assignment.
  • They will supply the shop manager with their phone number, HUB mailbox number and e-mail address.
  • Stitchers will work a minimum of 40 hours in the shop over the course of the semester, and will keep a log of their time in the shop. Two hours is the minimum length of any work call for a student.
  • All stitchers will anticipate working extra calls, possibly at odd times, in the week immediately before tech week and up until opening.
  • The Costume Shop Manager may also assign some stitchers as wardrobe crew for the productions.
  • Stitchers may be assigned to a single production or may be assigned to work multiple shows for the semester, depending on the scale of costumes for the season.
  • Stitchers will be required to be at strike for all productions unless otherwise informed.