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The Inaugural Nursing Stethoscope Ceremony

On Thursday, August 29, Plymouth State University (PSU) celebrated an important milestone in the education of its third-year nursing students with a ‘stethoscope ceremony.’ Twenty-nine third-year nursing students were presented with engraved Littmann stethoscopes, marking their transition to clinical practice.

The idea for the ceremony grew out of the PSU Nursing Program’s desire to celebrate its third-year students’ journeys into clinical practice and to provide them with the tools to be successful. In fall 2018, then-senior nursing student Lauren LaMontagne, who is now a registered nurse at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA, spearheaded a fundraising campaign to support the effort. LaMontagne personally contacted PSU nursing alumni and clinical partners, including Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) and LRH Auxiliary, current and former PSU nursing faculty, and the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation to solicit contributions. Uniformly Yours of Laconia, NH, a healthcare retailer, provided the engraved stethoscopes at a generous discount.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the entire nursing student body and faculty members pledged their commitment to “the highest ideals and academic standards” in their nursing careers.

Watch the ceremony here:

“Student Nurse’s Association 2018 Day of Service”

The Student Nurse’s Association, mentored by Professor Kerriann Reynolds, participated in the 2018 Plymouth State University “Day of Service” to support area agencies and non-profit organizations.

“The New RN and Emergency Patient Care Scenarios: How Simulation Can Help”

Professor of Nursing at Plymouth State University, Dr. Donna Driscoll, DNP, RN, CEN, presented with Catherine Flores, PhD, RN of North Country Healthcare at the 2018 International Rural Nursing Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Their presentation, entitled “The New RN and Emergency Patient Care Scenarios: How Simulation Can Help”, has become part of the new graduates orientation for the North Country Healthcare Alliance in four hospitals.

Student Nurse of the Year Award, First Runner Up: Meghan Livingston, ’18


Each Spring, the New Hampshire Nurses Association Annual Awards Program provides a prestigious opportunity to recognize outstanding performance of a student nurse. The “Student Nurse of the Year Award” is selected based on nominations submitted to the NHNA Commission on Nursing Practice.

This award is given to a student nurse in an entry program who embodies all the finest qualities of nursing: caring, professionalism, advocacy, leadership and involvement.

The NHNA Commission on Nursing Practice reviews letter of nomination for this prestigious award, which identify evidence of caring, professionalism, advocacy, leadship and involvement. “The nominations this year were highly competitive,” stated Jennifer Johnson, Chair of the New Hampshire Nurses Association Commission on Nursing Practice.

The First runner-up was conferred to Meghan Livingston, a senior in the nursing program at Plymouth State University. Mary Ellen Kind, member of the Commission on Nursing Practice, described Meghan as an exemplary student and a leader among her peers. She goes on to say that Meghan is a great advocate for the vulnerable and undeserved mental health and substance abuse populations, participating in public mental health screenings. A major interest of hers it patients with eating disorders, prompting her to take a graduate level course in this subject. Meghan has served current and future students by working in the office of Academic Affairs. In addition to her rigorous undergraduate coursework, her job and her extracurricular sports activities, she has been an active member of the Student Nurses Association. She was also involved in numerous public service projects with her church.

In recognition of her work, Meghan is being awarded with a one-year membership to the NHNA. Congratulations, Meghan!