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The WAC Journal is a national peer-reviewed journal on writing across the curriculum, published by Plymouth State University in association with the NWPNH: The National Writing Project in New Hampshire. The WAC Journal is an annual collection of articles by educators about their WAC ideas and WAC experiences. It is a journal of practical ideas and pertinent theory. Check it out by clicking on the following link:

Meg Petersen’s Speech for the Stevens-Bristow Distinguished Professor Award on November 6th, 2014.

Meaning in Writing

Timelines Writing Assignment

Deeper Meaning Questions

Identity Paper Writing Assignment  

Defining Moment

Resources for Writing Teachers

A book of composition resources


Creative Writing Resources for Beginners

The Disruptive, Transformative Potential of the Common Core


Teaching the Common Core as a Subversive Activity

Family Writing Nights

Family Writing Nights create both social and creative outlets for families to enjoy writing within a community. The purpose is to experience writing as a form of creative expression and communication. Whether the attendee is relaying an experience or painting an image with words (or even crayons for younger children), this evening encourages all to express themselves and share with others. By carefully structuring this event, attendees will understand expectations and should enjoy the evening.

Post and read original writing from NWPNH authors in a showcase devoted to them.

  • Blog with Director Dr. Meg Petersen, who was on sabbatical for a year in the Dominican Republic on Fulbright Scholarship. She has created a new NWP site there and has blogged about her writing experiences with her Spanish students.
  • National Writing Project
    We have our own ‘members only’ informal National Writing Project social network, a way for NWP participants to stay in touch.
  • PWP ‘Ning’ Social Network
    In case you were wondering, we are not directly affiliated with the New Hampshire’s Writer’s Project based in Manchester, NH, a statewide literary organization for writers, though we have common interests and it’s likely we have some members in common as well.
  • The New Hampshire Writer’s Project
    In 2006, the NWPNH was part of a NWP Rural Poetry Initiative. Dartmouth professor and NWPNH member Elizabeth Jane Whittington was our local coordinator. KRHS Student Rosemary Bateman won the top honor, and went to Washington to read alongside winners from other states and the US Poet Laureate.
  • Elizabeth Jane Whittington’s Rural Poetry Handout
    In 2005, NWPNH teacher-consultant Barbara K. O’Brien put together a Resource Guide that includes information about the summer institute experience and being part of the National Writing Project in New Hampshire.
  • Barbara K. O’Brien’s  Resource Guide
    If you are affiliated with the NWPNH, and you have a resource or link you believe should be here, contact us. We love to hear from you!