NWPNH Philosophical Framework

why did the author write the book

This framework is a work in progress.  It represents the guiding beliefs of our writing project and directs all of our programming.

  NWPNH Philosophical Framework

Community –We bring our best selves to the writing project in order to create a positive culture.   We assume the good intentions of others and avoid blaming.  We understand that learning is a social process and that we need opportunities to collaborate with other learners.  We understand that community is best when it respects the individuality and diversity of its members.  We value our community as on-going and lasting, including continuity beyond the summer institute.

Inquiry: We support the inextricable connection between theory and practice.  We believe it is important to have a repertoire of flexible practices anchored to a solid theoretical base, fueled by a commitment to equity and social justice, and guided by an inquiry stance.  We respect teacher professionalism.  At NWPNH, we value challenging assumptions.  There is no single correct way to teach writing– everything is open for discussion and inquiry. We believe in setting rigorous, high expectations while also providing the support learners need to meet those expectations. We value thinking hard, because teaching is intellectual work.

Equity:  We view literacy not only as a tool for learning, but as a way to claim agency, advocate for ideas, and  actively participate in a democratic and pluralistic society.  We believe that teachers need to understand their own background and perspective in order to better respect and honor the experiences of others.   We believe in listening to all voices and honoring students, colleagues, and families as partners.  We respect everyone’s expertise and perspective.  We believe in education as a process of liberation and in writing as a tool for empowerment.