Acknowledgement of Risks Related to Surfing

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Before participating in the Surfing trip you must be made aware of the following potential risk associated with the practice of Surfing.

Be aware that Surfing has the possibility of physical injury, pain, physical or mental disability, mental trauma, or death directly or indirectly caused by but not limited to:

  • immersion in cold water
  • immersion in fast-moving water
  • drowning or near drowning
  • manmade (i.e., surf boards) objects falling from above
  • hiking or walking in rugged, and slippery terrain
  • bites or stings inflicted by animals, insects, reptiles, or plants
  • the forces of nature, including lightning, weather changes, hypothermia, hyperthermia, sunburn, high winds, and others not named
  • the physical exertion associated with the outdoor activity
  • become lost and isolated from help
  • vehicle related accidents
  • property damage or loss
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*By signing this document I certify that I have carefully explained the above potential risks and allowed time for all students to ask questions regarding these risks. I was present at the time of the acknowledgement of risk presentation or receive the same information at a later time, but before participating to the class activities.

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