Grounds Operations

Our Grounds crew is charged with the maintenance and apperance of our 183 acre campus. The campus includes approx. 75 acres of lawn and athletic fields, 50 acres of woodland and 27 acres of walks, stairs, parking lots and roadways. In early 1999, we divided the campus into zones. The crew is also responsible for facilitating campus moves, event set-ups and break downs as well as many other tasks.

Moving Instructions

Instructions for Packing and Moving


  • Every item to be moved must be labeled with coded label with proper information on each. The label should have the faculty or staff members name and the building and room # of the location they are being delivered to.
  • Place labels on each item of furniture as illustrated on the labeling placement sheet.
  • All boxes should be labeled on the side in the upper right hand corner, not on the top because boxes will be moved in stacks and labels on the top will be hidden from view.


  • The content of desks must be removed and boxed with label's. This is because desks will have to be turned on their side to get thru doorways, to go up stairs, or into elevators. Place small items such as pens, paper clips, etc. in envelopes and pack in cartons.
  • Typewriter stands which attach to desks must be removed and labeled separately from desks, using same code as desk they go with.
  • Glass tops on desks should be labeled separately.
  • Empty the contents of all lateral/horizontal  files due to weight and size.
  • Standard vertical file cabinets will be moved with contents intact. Move pressure plates forward in drawers to hold contents securely.
  • All file cabinets should be left unlocked and their key kept separately, or wrap masking tape thickly around the key locks so they do not get pushed in and locked accidentally during moving.


  • Contents should be removed and packed.
  • If the book cases have moveable shelves these must be removed and wrapped with tape or string and labeled separately. Shelf clips should be bagged so they are not lost in move.


  • Computer components if not boxed all together need to be labeled so they go back together when they reach their destination.


If you want the movers to locate heavy furniture in special locations upon reaching their final destination, please make a rough layout of office/room indicating where furniture is to go. This should be placed on office door for movers information.
Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

Spring Program

Commencing April 10, or as soon as weather permits :
  1. Remove all sand and winter debris form lawn area, and repair plow damage. Collect soil samples for analysis.
  2. Rope off all lawn areas while ground is soft to reduce compacting of the soil and allow for grass seed germination.
  3. Aerate- aeration loosens compacted soils allowing air, water, and nutrients to be evenly absorbed and promote healthy root systems.
  4. Fertilize and Lime applied according to soil test. Lime shall be pellet and slow release so as to maintain a pH of 6.5 to 7.0 . Fertilizer shall be slow release and blended to meet the needs of each zone in accordance with data collected in soil samples.
  5. Seeding- Grass seed shall be a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass, Creeping fescue, and perennial rye. Seed shall be disease resistant and applied by two methods. Slice seeding shall be done along walk ways and over seeding in undamaged lawn areas.


Grass shall be maintained at no more than three inches, and no less than two inches in length. Longer grass provides shade for the roots and inhibits weed growth.
  1. Prior to mowing all debris shall be removed from lawn area and disposed of properly.
  2. Mowing shall be weekly on average , but may vary with weather conditions , more often during the wet season, and less during the dry season.
  3. All mowers shall have a minimum of three sets of sharp blades and be replaced when dull so as to maintain a uniform cut and avoid root damage.
  4. Care shall be taken so as to avoid discharging grass clippings in planting beds, and on walk ways, should this happen they shall be removed prior to the completion of that work day.
  5. All grass clippings are recycled and used on campus grounds.
  6. String trimming and edging shall be done each time mowing occurs so as to maintain a neat and uniform appearance .
  7. Aerate- As needed according to compaction issues.


  1. Mowing will continue through fall season .
  2. Fall clean up leaf collection - leaves shall be collected and removed prior to mowing lawns. Collected leaves will be brought to Langdon Park and added to campus compost piles.
  3. Fertilize - shall be a slow release over winter type.
  4. Convert equipment for snow removal.


  1. Renovate lawn equipment.
  2. Snow removal.
Athletic Fields Sq. Footages & Layouts

Square Footages

  • Football Field:  55,985
  • Practice Football Field:   56,775
  • Soccer Field:   69,690
  • Practice Soccer Field:   69,690
  • Baseball Field:   107,385
  • Field Hockey/Lacrosse Field:   172,795
  • D & M Fields Combined:   187,080
Grounds Maintenance Zones

Zone limit descriptions for lawn care and snow removal by PSU Physical Plant.

Zone Number Zone Description Assigned to
Zone 1 Bounded by Highland Street, Langdon Street, the Children’s Center, the fence behind Pemi and Boyd Halls, along the eastern limits of the Boyd property to Highland Street. Also includes the Baker Infirmary.
Zone 2 Bounded by Highland Street, Summer Street, Court Street, Main Street, High Street and the lot line behind Bagley, Blair and the Frost House. Includes the President’s House property, the HUB parking lot and the parking lot at the corner of Langdon and School Street.
Zone 3 Bounded by High Street, Main Street, the northern most limits of the D& M property to lot line behind Grafton, northerly to Merrill Street, westerly to Langdon Street.
Zone 4 Bounded by Merrill Street, Weeks Street, Tobey Road, and the Langdon Park property.
Zone 5 Includes all of the River Street properties, the P.E. Center property, D & M field. Cliff Bertrand, Seth Hurst
Zone 6 The entire Facilities Services property. Cliff Bertrand, Seth Hurst
Zone 7 The entire Langdon Park property that includes Langdon Woods.


Note: All zones bounded by a street or a road are to extend to the far side of the street or road.

Campus Acreage
Location Acres
Campus Core 62.98
Langdon Park 56.80
Loon Lake 1.00
TOTAL 120.78
Location Acres
P.E. Center 43.70
FSB Lots (Madore) 15.87
TOTAL 59.57
Additional Acreage Maintained By The College
D & M Park (Not owned by university - Plymouth Athletic Association) 4.75

Brett Melanson
Contact Infomation:
bamelanson (at) plymouth (dot) edu
phone: X52459


-Lawn, grounds and field care
-Sidewalk and parking lot maintenance
-Snow removal
-Moving services
-Support services for campus events

Athletic Fields:
-Lawn, grounds and field care
-Support services for sport events

-Landscape gardening, tree, shrub and flower planting
-Campus plant nursery
-Plants in Bloom

-Campus Shuttle Service
-Maintenance of fleet vehicles