Moving Instructions

Instructions for Packing and Moving


  • Every item to be moved must be labeled with coded label with proper
    information on each. The label should have the faculty or staff members name and the
    building and room # of the location they are being delivered to.
  • Place labels on each item of furniture as illustrated on the labeling
    placement sheet.
  • All boxes should be labeled on the side in the upper right hand
    corner, not on the top because boxes will be moved in stacks and labels on the top will be
    hidden from view.


  • The content of desks must be removed and boxed with label’s. This is
    because desks will have to be turned on their side to get thru doorways, to go up stairs,
    or into elevators. Place small items such as pens, paper clips, etc. in envelopes and pack
    in cartons.
  • Typewriter stands which attach to desks must be removed and labeled
    separately from desks, using same code as desk they go with.
  • Glass tops on desks should be labeled separately.
  • Empty the contents of all lateral/horizontal¬† files
    due to weight and size.
  • Standard vertical file cabinets will be moved with contents intact.
    Move pressure plates forward in drawers to hold contents securely.
  • All file cabinets should be left unlocked and their key kept separately, or
    wrap masking tape thickly around the key locks so they do not get pushed in and locked
    accidentally during moving.


  • Contents should be removed and packed.
  • If the book cases have moveable shelves these must be removed and
    wrapped with tape or string and labeled separately. Shelf clips should be bagged so they
    are not lost in move.


  • Computer components if not boxed all together need to be labeled so
    they go back together when they reach their destination.


If you want the movers to locate heavy furniture in special locations
upon reaching their final destination, please make a rough layout of office/room
indicating where furniture is to go. This should be placed on office door for movers