New Residence Hall Project Update

Project is to begin on April 11, 2016. Work hours for the project will typically be 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.

Here is a two-week look ahead for the project schedule:

Week of June 19th

  • Exterior patio work starts off MPR.
  • Metal panel work at roof top continues.
  • Remaining dorm room windows installed.
  • Staging removed from site.
  • Carpet and room flooring on fourth floor.
  • Taping completed on the seventh floor.
  • Punch and cleaning on the third and fourth floor.
  • Drywall in RD apartments.
  • BA system started and being tested.
  • Masonry completed.
  • Finish carpentry on seventh floor.
  • Tile work on seventh floor.

Week of June 26th

  • Ceiling install corridor seventh floor
  • Concrete work on patio.
  • Metal panel work exterior.
  • Finish work on seventh floor completed.
  • Flooring on floor five and six.
  • Ceiling work in lobby area first floor.
  • Taping and painting in RD apartments.
  • Finish carpentry and casework install on first floor.
  • Punch prep on floor four and five.

***Website communication will be updated on a weekly basis.***

For more information about the new residence hall, please click on the following link: New Residence Hall.