Ancora Imparo

Posted for Dr. Cheryl Coker

When the idea to move to the physical therapy program was first presented to me, I did what I am sure many of you do when faced with a big decision and consulted family, friends and colleagues. Being able to contribute to a newly developing program seemed like an exciting opportunity but I wanted to make sure that I looked at it from all sides. Interestingly, the first thing most of my confidants asked was why I would want to start all over again at this point in my career. They made a good point. Although I have the expertise to teach the courses I will be teaching, it will require a great deal of work to retool, develop effective lectures and lab experiences and craft comprehensive assignments to help students apply course concepts. But that’s what makes it exciting!

Above the doorway in my office is a sign. It says ANCORA IMPARO. Translation – Still I am learning. Human movement is a fascinating phenomenon and there is so much we have yet to learn about its acquisition and control. Examining it from a new perspective can only lead to greater understanding and the possibility of new discoveries, ones that could potentially contribute to the health of society.

So if you too are captivated by the complexity of human movement, I hope you will consider the DPT program at Plymouth State. Let’s see how much further we can go together!

Dr. Cheryl Coker