Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the Plymouth State University Physical Therapy website! We are currently entering a milestone year in our development with the entry of our third class of students this June we will be fully implemented! We’ve come a long way since earning candidacy with CAPTE in 2016!

It truly is an exciting time for Physical Therapy at Plymouth State University. The profession is embracing a grand vision put forward by the American Physical Therapy Association and is seeking to “transform society through movement to improve the human experience.” (APTA Vision Statement) The profession hopes to achieve this transformation with the realization and identification of the human movement system (APTA Human Movement System) and the physical therapist’s ability to provide perspective on movement across the lifespan with distinctive knowledge to help individuals achieve their goals and ability to participate in society.

This professional vision does not occur in isolation. Physical therapists must be engaged in collaboration with other professionals, disciplines, organizations and community partners. The human movement system exists in broader health, societal and cultural systems that require our activity not occur in isolation. Therefore, it is a tremendously exciting time to be at Plymouth State University!

“Plymouth State University is a visionary institution at the hub of an ever-growing creative community where students, faculty, staff, and alumni are actively transforming themselves and the region. We develop ideas and solutions for a connected world and produce society’s global leaders within interdisciplinary strategic clusters, open labs, partnerships and through entrepreneurial, innovative, and experiential learning.” (PSU Vision) As part of the new and emerging Health and Human Enrichment Strategic Cluster the Department of Physical Therapy is collaborating with partners from across campus, the State of New Hampshire and beyond to meet its primary goal of preparing future Doctors of Physical Therapy that are competent, collaborative, and prepared to provide evidence guided, knowledge based physical therapy to positively impact people’s lives and transform society as agents of change in their communities; to be health team leaders and advocates for innovation in the profession while being respectful, culturally sensitive and socially responsible.

The curriculum we have developed features combined innovative approaches to the education of DPT students. The combined approaches include on campus clinical practice opportunities with program faculty and the broader campus and local community; clear and explicit opportunities to integrate conceptual knowledge and practical skills that are developing throughout the program; and a focus on several fundamental concepts for physical therapy practice including the movement system, causation and reasoning, systems thinking and adaptation.

In summary, as a believer in the importance of recognizing causation, I believe that if you want something to turn out differently, you must do something differently.

Welcome to the  Physical Therapy Program, I invite you to join me in realizing our vision!

Sean Collins, PT, ScD
Professor and Program Director

Plymouth State University
Samuel Read Hall Building, Room 211
17 High Street, MSC68
Plymouth, NH 03264