DPT Academic Calendar

There are several general rules for understanding the approach we use for the DPT Academic Calendar.

  1. Summer terms provide 9 weeks of course work and 1 week for finals (10 week term). This term must provide time for students to wrap up other academic activities in May, to have a week off for July 4th (Independence Day Break) and end with at least two weeks off prior to Labor day (end of August). This means we often start the very first Monday in June, and end on the second Friday of August.
  2. At PSU Fall terms have been starting prior to Labor day and in line with this the DPT courses “open” online (Moodle Learning Management System) sometime that week (last week of August into early September prior to Labor day). However, the face – to – face component of DPT classes starts after labor day in order to provide students with at least 2 weeks of off campus break time following the summer term. Otherwise, the DPT Fall term follows the PSU Academic Calendar.
  3. The DPT Program follows the campus winter break (whatever that might be), and returns for the Spring term when the PSU Campus returns for the Spring term.
  4. Spring Break (March) is per the PSU Academic Calendar.
  5. End of Spring term is per the PSU Academic Calendar.
  6. Graduation is per the PSU Academic Calendar.
  7. Clinical Education weeks aim to fit within the published academic calendar dates but are ultimately influenced by clinical partner availability and therefore may shift by weeks so long as it does not impede the student’s ability to complete finals or return to campus for classes.

PSU Academic Calendar

The PSU Academic Calendar can be found at the PSU Registrar’s Website

DPT Calendar 2020 – 2021

Summer Term: June 1, 2020 – August 14, 2020 (Online, earliest possible “on campus” date is July 6th)

Fall Term: Online Starts: August 24, 2020; Face – to – Face Starts August 31, 2020 (Otherwise follows the PSU Academic Calendar)

Spring Term: Follows PSU Academic Calendar