Perceived Competence and Physical Activity in Older Adults

Phil TwomblyPSU DPT faculty member Dr. Cheryl Coker, a motor behaviorist, and her collaborators (Drs. Virginia Overdorf and Betty Kollia) recently looked at “the association between older adults’ self-perceived physical competence and continued involvement in physical activity (PA). The journal article (and free abstract) are available in the journal Activities, Adaptation and Aging:

Virginia Overdorf, Cheryl Coker, and Betty Kollia
Activities, Adaptation & Aging Vol. 40 , Iss. 4,2016

“Results indicated a positive correlation between all subscales of the PSPP (Physical Self Perception Profile) and both moderate exercise and vigorous exercise. In addition, Sport, Body, and Strength were positively correlated with walking.”

These results suggest that an individuals perceived competence should be assessed prior to exercise to customize programs in an attempt to increase the likelihood of continued physical activity.