Admission to the DPT program will be limited annually to a class of 30 highly qualified individuals identified through the admissions process.

The Department of Physical Therapy at Plymouth State University participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service, known as PTCAS, for the 2019-20 admissions cycle.  Applicants applying to the entry-level physical therapist education program for the 2020 entering class will apply online using the PTCAS application beginning in July 2019. To learn more about PTCAS, visit

Applicants will be screened upon PTCAS verification. Complete and qualified applicants will be reviewed by program faculty. Highly qualified candidates will be invited for an on campus interview.

The the admissions review will start with a soft deadline January 15, 2020 and a subsequent hard deadline of March 1, 2020. Interviews will begin in February.

Qualifications that will be evaluated include:

  • Official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university indicating, at minimum, the attainment of or progress toward and expected completion of a Bachelor’s degree prior to DPT program matriculation
  • Three letters of recommendation that can comment on the applicants character, academic qualification, and their understanding of and commitment to the physical therapy profession (at least one letter must be from a physical therapist)
  • Statement of Purpose (entered directly in PT-CAS, limited to 4500 characters): “Please state your reasons for pursuing the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Be sure to include personal and professional reasons, and any relevant background information. Include why you believe you will excel in the Plymouth State University DPT program as a student; and why you will excel as a Physical Therapy professional.”
  • PTCAS Required Essay
  • Overall GPA (minimum requirement 3.0; calculated by PTCAS)
  • Science prerequisite GPA (minimum requirement 3.0; calculated by program based on highest grades fulfilling requirements)
  • Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores (Please note the GRE Code for Plymouth State U PTCAS – 1979)
  • On-campus interview conducted by the Department of Physical Therapy (at least 2 members). The interview is designed as an opportunity for the committee to assess the applicant’s personal goals, oral communication skills, ability to interact, learning style as a fit for the DPT program at PSU and their understanding of physical therapy and the demands of a DPT program

Pre Requisite Coursework (italics if included for the science prerequisite GPA):

  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II with labs (Anatomy with lab; and Physiology with lab will also be accepted)
  • Chemistry I & II with labs (will also accept General Chemistry, a semester of General and Organic Chemistry; or Physiological Chemistry)
  • Physics I & II with labs (calculus or non calculus college level physics will be accepted)
  • Biological science with lab (at least one course)(Human Biology; Biological Anthropology; Biology I; Exercise Physiology, Advanced Physiology, Integrative Physiology will all be accepted)
  • Social & Behavioral sciences (at least 3 courses such as those typically offered in sociology, psychology, political science, geography, anthropology, economics)
  • Statistics (at least 1 course)

Completion of pre-requisite courses at time of application is preferred. However, applications will be reviewed as long as no more than two pre-requisite courses are outstanding. In such cases any offer of admission will be contingent on successful completion of all pre-requisites.

Transfer of Credit Policy

The program does not accept a transfer of credit to the DPT program.