Campus Safety Officers added to University Police Department – 9/22/2022

Campus Safety Officers

The University Police has recently added Campus Safety Officers to our department to help keep our campus safe and assist students.

Campus Safety Officers are not police officers but will be able to assist the University Police with parking matters, access to buildings and parking lots, building security, event management and add more resources to the University Police SAFERIDE program. For more information about SAFERIDE, please visit:

Campus Safety Officers work under the supervision of the University Police Department and are employees of Plymouth State University. All Campus Safety Officers wear highly visible and recognizable uniforms and always remain in direct contact with the University Police by way of police radio. Campus Safety Officers work at the same office location as the University Police, located at 2 High Street. Campus Safety Officers may be seen walking on campus or driving a university marked van which can be used to transport students.


University Police and Campus Safety Officers will provide a SAFERIDE to any student/staff late night and early morning when the shuttle operations are not running. Rides are provided on campus and in the general vicinity off campus. Students need only to call University Police and ask for a “SAFERIDE” SAFERIDES are intended as a measure to keep students safe and should not be requested for reasons of convenience. Please be reminded, no one should accept an unsolicited ride from persons unknown to them. All transportation services offered at PSU are provided by uniformed personnel operating marked vehicles with PSU logos.

Contacting the University Police and Campus Safety

Contacting the University Police and Campus Safety has not changed.