Crime Alert Off Campus Assault – 9/25/2022

This morning, Plymouth Police were called at about 3:30 AM and alerted to an assault taking place at 38 Russell Street.

The preliminary investigation indicts a social gathering of PSU students was occurring at the address.

At some point, some of those attending the gathering were asked to leave by the hosts of the address.  During this time, a physical alteration took place.

It was reported to police during the altercation two unidentified persons displayed and threatened those at the location with firearms.

One PSU student received a facial injury which was not related to the use of a firearm.

The student was treated at the hospital.

If you have any information about this matter, please contact Plymouth Police Officer Andrew Vermeersch at 603-536-1804 ext. 124 or via email at

Plymouth Police Anonymous Tip line:

This is a reminder the University Police Department operates a SAFERIDE program for PSU students.

For more information on SAFERIDE please visit: