Crime Alert: Off campus burglaries targeting PSU Students

The Plymouth Police Department is investigating a series of burglaries which have occurred just off campus in which PSU students have been victims.

Approximately 6 burglaries have taken place since Oct 1.

Alcohol and electronic games have been the target of the burglars.

Most of the burglaries involve suspects forcing their way into the residence. In some cases, the victims have chased away the burglars.

No one has been hurt during these incidents.

If you have any information about this incident and wish to contact the Plymouth Police please call (603) 536-1804.

If you wish to make a confidential report to the PSU police electronically in our Silent Witness program please submit your information here:

All reports will be turned over the Plymouth Police Department.

Plymouth State University Police urges all students to be careful and aware of your surrounding while off campus. Do not walk alone.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable while walking after hours, the University Police offers a Safe Walk program available 24-hours a day. For more on Safe Walk visit: