Crime Alert – Theft from Parked Automobiles

The University Police is investigating a series of over-night  break-ins and thefts from parked automobiles on campus and areas off campus and near the University. Thus far, the victims have all been PSU Students.

 These thefts have occurred in the parking lots behind Hyde Hall (lot 304) , the commuter lot off Merrill Street (lot 408) , the parking lot off Weeks Street (lot 411)  the parking lot behind Centre Lodge ( lot 405) and the privately owned (off-campus)  vacant lot on Armory Road near Student apartment 42.

If you park your car on campus or areas near campus, please check your vehicle for signs of theft and damage.

It some cases  the vehicles were forced open and damaged. Some vehicles were not locked. Several vehicles had contents removed from them to include wallets and loose change. 

If you have been a victim of this crime or have any information, please contact the University Police at 535-2330

If you wish to make a confidential report about this crime or any crime please visit Silent Witness at:

If you are not comfortable walking along, and the PSU Shuttle is not available  please contact SafeWalk at:


Steven H. Temperino

Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Plymouth State University Police Department
MSC 12
17 High Street
Plymouth, N.H. 03264
603-535-2848 Office

603-535-2330 University Police Business Line

603-536-1626 Police Emergency Dispatch Center

603-481-1509 On-Duty Officer Cell Phone