Crime Alert: Theft from vehicles in lot 705 – 03/01/2022

Crime Alert: Theft from vehicles in lot 705

In the past 5-days, the University Police have received three concerning reports about incidents impacting students parked at PSU 705 (dirt lot) off Main Street.

In the first incidents,  a vehicle was entered by an unknown person at about 2:00 AM while a student occupied the vehicle.

The intruder appeared to be alarmed, learning the vehicle was occupied and ran away, without further incident.

It is believed theft was the motive, but nothing was stolen.

This occurred on February 24.

The second incident, involved theft, occurred when a student reported a snow board being stolen from their vehicle sometime between 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM, also in lot 705.

This was reported to University Police on February 25.

The third incident, also involving theft, was reported today ( March 1) and also occurring in lot 705.  

This incident also involved the theft of a snow board and cash .

This theft taking place between 7:00 AM yesterday and 2:00 PM this afternoon.

In all these incidents, none of the vehicles showed any signs of forced entry.

Please be remined, thieves often target easy opportunities and steal property that is easy to sell and or hard trace.

Please do not leave valuables in plain view while left in parked cars and make sure your vehicle is secured at all times, when not attended to.

If you have any information about these incidents, please contact the University Police Department at 603-535


If you wish to make a confidential report, please use Silent Witness located here:

If you feel unsafe when walking alone, when shuttle operations are not available, please contact the SafeWalk program located here: