Crime Alert: Theft from vehicles parked at the (Dirt Lot) 705 – 09/16/2022

During the past 10 days, the University have received 3 reports from PSU students about thefts from vehicles which were parked in PSU lot 705 ( the dirt lot).

Money, personal belongings, and vehicle parts were reported stolen. None of the vehicles showed signs of forced entry.

The University Police would like to remind all students to remove valuables from unattended vehicles and to be sure to lock vehicles when unattended.

If you have any information about these incidents you wish to report, please contact the University Police Department at 603-535-2330.

If you wish to leave a confidential voice mail tip, please call 603-535-8477

If you wish to send a confidential email, please use Silent Witness at:

The University Police Department also encourages students to use the PSU Shuttle ( and not walk along the roadway) when going to a from lot 705.

For information on the PSU Shuttle please visit:

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable walking alone at night, students may request a SAFERIDE.

For information on SAFERIDE please visit: