Flood Alert; Precautionary evacuation of Ice Arena and AllWell Parking lots.

Flood Alert; Precautionary evacuation of Ice Arena and AllWell Parking lots.

For any other question about parking or flood evacuation, please contact us at 535-2919 during business hours.

After 4:30 PM contact the police communication center at 536-1626

Currently, warm weather, rains and heavy snow pack this winter is causing heavy water runoff in the White Mountains north of Plymouth.

The National Weather Service is predicting minor flooding in Plymouth/Holderness by Tuesday April 11th by midnight.

At this time, Plymouth State University is implementing a precautionary evacuation of all student parking at the Ice Arena Parking lots and the AllWell Center.

All Ice arena parking lots and the AllWell Center will be closed to student parking and guests on Tuesday April 11 at 8:00 AM. This will remain in effect until water levels recede and you are informed the parking lots have reopened. Please begin to move your cars as soon as possible. All vehicles are to be removed by Tuesday April 11 at 8:00 AM

If you are parked in these areas during the evacuation period your vehicle is subject to flood/water damage and towing at your expense.

Additional Parking areas Authorized during evacuation:

During flood evacuation times, vehicles permitted to park at the AllWell and Ice Arena lots will be authorized to park in the following areas:

  • Parking Lot #705 which is the over flow parking lot north of the National Guard Armory.
  • The National Guard Armory Parking lot will be open for parking.
  • All Residential North Parking lots will be available.
  • Plymouth Police have authorized vehicles to park on any town Streets and in all residential areas where local public parking is permitted. These areas include, Russell Street, Pleasants Street, and Upper High Street and at the parking meters (free of charge) along Langdon Street. You must park in a designated parking space excluding ADA spaces unless you have an ADA permit.
  • The overnight parking ban on Town Streets will be suspended during this time.
  • The River Front parking meters on Green Street can be used (free of charge).
  • A large parking lot located off campus at Fox Park will be available. See the attached map for directions to this lot.
  • There will be no parking in the parking meters on Main Street or Highland Street without paying the meter fees. You may not park on any private property without permission. PSU permitted vehicles are not authorized to park in St Mathew’s Church parking lot on School Street or Speare Hospital’s parking lot across the street from Belknap Hall on Langdon Street.

Further Precautions:

Water Temperatures:

Please stay away from the River at this time. Even if air temperatures are warm, water temperature are low enough to cause rapid hypothermia which can lead to drowning and death.

Submerged Hazards:

Sometimes flood waters look calm on the surface but can conceal hidden and submerged debris. Debris can easily flip over water craft or trap a swimmer. Even if you are wearing a proper flotation device or wet suit a swimmer can easily be pulled under water by the strong current. During this flood event the predicted maximum flow of the river will be approximately 20,700 cubic feet per second.  No match for any swimmer.

For any other question about parking or flood evacuation, please contact us at 535-2919

Temporary Parking Map