Moving in parking accommodations ending at 11 AM today – 8/29/2022

PSU move in is now complete.

Your attention to parking instructions during move in helped with a very smooth and orderly move in operation, thank you!

Now that move in is over, all vehicles must return to their PSU permitted parking spaces before 11:00 AM today.

Vehicles without a valid PSU parking permit may be ticketed and removed from campus at the owner’s expense.

Hyde Hall Parking lots:

The parking lots behind Hyde Hall are for faculty and staff only. PSU students may not park ( even temporarily) in these lots.

Res North Parking lots:

These include all the parking spaces around the student apartments, non-traditional apartments, all the parking lots near Langdon Woods Res Hall and the PSU parking lots off Weeks Street ( behind Student Apartments) and off Merrill Street next to Centre Lodge. Student parking is not allowed behind Merrill Place Res Hall. Some Res North parking spaces are signed for special uses for PSU staff and ADA parking, please observe these signs and do not park in these spaces unless you are designated for these spots.

Ice Arena Parking lots:

These spaces are now open to valid PSU permit holders. Please Park beyond the first two parking areas as these are for commuter students. Please observe the signage.

Dirt Lot parking lots:

These spaces are now open to valid PSU permit holders. Please do not park beyond the concrete barriers near the river and close to the Community Garden as this area is off campus and not associated with campus parking.

Belknap and Pemi Res Hall parking lot:

These areas are for commuter students, faculty, and staff only.

Behind Rounds Hall and near the Silver Center parking lot.

These areas are for faculty and staff only.

AllWell Parking Garage:

These spaces are now open to valid PSU permit holders. Please check signage as some spaces are reserved for faculty and staff.

Core areas:

Core areas, such as the areas behind Mary Lyon, in the Student Apartments Core, and in between Smith and Grafton Res halls are restricted areas and not open to student parking.

Thank you for your cooperation.