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I'm leaving and need to move my belongings. What should I do and where should my parents park?
From time to time students change status, whether it’s moving to a different residence hall, moving on/off campus, or leaving campus. Call UPD at (603) 535-2330 to make parking arrangements to assist you in your move.

Please note: If someone is helping you pack for a few hours, but not physically moving your belongings, please direct them to park in the “pay as you go” Kiosk Lot 408. The fee is .25/hr.

I get home late at night after shuttle hours and don’t want to walk alone. What should I do?
To request a Safewalk accompaniment, call (603) 535-2330 ext.3 and ask for a “SafeWalk”.
What parking spot am I assigned after I purchase a parking permit?
When you purchase a parking permit to park on campus, you’re purchasing the ability to park in certain lots, not an individual parking spot that will be assigned to you.
Can I park outside my dorm to quickly load/unload groceries or belongings if the bollards (metal posts) are down in the walkways?
No parking is never allowed in the CORE without permission.

If you need to load/unload items within these areas, please contact UPD at (603) 535-2330 ext.2, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. to obtain authorization to park somewhere besides your parking lot. Failure to do so will result in your vehicle being ticketed.

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