Student Parking Regulations

Permits are Required
  • All campus lots require a valid PSU parking permit year-round. A sign is posted at the entrance to each parking lot, which indicates the permit that is required to park there and the lot number.
  • You can obtain a parking lot map at the UPD office or view it online.
Loading and Unloading
  • When dropping off/picking up people or items at buildings park in a regular spot, and put your flashers on.
  • If you’re there too long, you may be ticketed.
  • Please do NOT park in front of buildings without prior permission from University Police. These are Fire Lanes and you will be ticketed.
Bollard Areas
  • Throughout campus there are paths and roadways which are blocked by metal posts called bollards. Sometimes these are put down by Physical Plant or University Police for business purposes.
  • Please do NOT drive into these areas without authorization from University Police. Doing so will subject you to being fined.
Winter Lot Maintenance
  • Parking lots MUST be vacated during scheduled Lot Maintenance times, regardless of existing weather and snow conditions.
  • Any vehicle remaining during scheduled lot maintenance will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense/risk.
  • Be sure to review, and print, a copy of the lot maintenance schedule which can be found online here.
Guests/Visitors on Campus
  • Most lots on campus are not available to visitors. Visitors must obtain a permit to park in visitor lots. A Guest/Visitor Temporary Parking Permit can be purchased for daily, weekend, or weekly use.
  • If you’re buying a permit for your friend, please be sure to put in their information. When you put in your information, you are taking responsibility for any violations they may receive while on campus.
  • Guest/Visitors are still subject to lot maintenance scheduling.
What If I Get a Parking Ticket? If you receive a parking ticket:

  • You have the right to appeal your ticket during the first 10 days after ticketing.
  • Follow the instructions printed on your citation to submit your appeal online. You will receive an emailed response.
  • All ticket appeals are reviewed by UPD’s internal appeals committee.
  • If your appeal is not accepted, you have 30 days from the date of ticketing to pay your fine. After 30 days, PSU begins a collections process and the fine doubles.
Of the many experiences students may have at the University, parking can be as challenging as any of them. We hope you have found this information helpful!